Мероприятие Renault Captur на UFW

Hiroshi Mikitani meeting

Grammarly incentive

Ancient paganism and state-of-the-art technologies, traditions and trends, Baltic and Scandinavia ... In this stunning project, the past and the future in an astonishing way create the exciting story, which will be told and retold by Grammarly employees in a month of Sundays.

Eurovision VIP-zone

According to Yan Ola Sand, the supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest, – Eurovision in Kyiv was impeccable. Ukrainian event team contribution was top-notch. And we are sincerely proud of being a part of this significant for our country event.

Мероприятие "Сказки Luxoft"

LUXOFT tales

One of the most soul-stirring projects in the history of our company. We published the real book full of fairytales, written by employees of Luxoft-Ukraine. This book became a true embodiment of kindness, warmness and unindifference of dozens of adults. So that, we dreadfully proud of the eventual result.

Military orchestra parade

On May 8, 2015 Ukraine for the first time has held the Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation instead of Victory Day. Among the most memorable moments there was the military parade of orchestras from different countries, organized by our company.


AGH Forum still represents a high-level conference in the Ukrainian agricultural business.

Dell EMC Forum

The forum, we held in Lviv, not only laid the foundation of the beginning of a new format of Dell EMC events, but also, for the first time in history, brought to Ukraine the award of the most prestigious event contest in the world - BEA World.


The Ukrainian House in Davos is one of the most efficient platforms for popularizing our country on the world scene. And, taking into account the enthusiastic reviews of the Western press, we successfully did our bests to its full extent.

IQOS3 Launch

The launch event of the new IQOS has become one of the most discussed events in the end of 2018.